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In October of 1999, the Batken district of Osh region was declared as the Batken region (by the Order of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, A. Akaev). In the same month of October, the Civil Defense Headquarters of Batken region were opened. Bagishev Erkin Ilyasovich was appointed the Head of the CD. Since there was no permanent building, the CD headquarters were located in the building of the Bishkek SRI branch on the outskirts of Batken city, in the village of Kyzyl Jol; in January of 2000 the headquarters started hiring citizens for work in the establishment. In total, there were 34 military and civil servants working there. In 11.02.2000 a separate mobile rescue battalion– m/u 86017– was launched on the territory of the region’s CDHQ. In 2000, during the Batken events, officers and civil servants of CDHQ as well as military unit 86107 actively participated in providing assistance to the residents of Batken. In August of 2000, Colonel Kaliev Avaybek Beishembievich was appointed Head of CDHQ. In the course of talks with the Governor, Aibalaev M., an agreement was reached on the allocation of a land plot for the construction of CDHQ buildings and military unit 86107.

In October of 2000 construction began, under the supervision of Colonel Kaliev K. DMD of Batken and Jalalabad joined the construction. From 2001 to 2003, Colonel Chekirbaev Meimanbek Arykchievich served as Head of CDHQ. In February of 2002-2003, after the completion of construction, CDHQ of Batken region and m/u 86017 transfer from the village of Kyzyl-Jol to the place of permanent dislocation. In 2003, Colonel Seidikerimov Tursunbek Askerovich was appointed as the Head of the Department of MES for Batken region. In 2005-2007, this position was taken by Colonel Jumagulov Jambyl Basymbaevich. In 2007-2009 the DMES for Batken Region was headed by coronel Mavlyanov Aba-Bakir Idirisovich. In 2009-2011 DMES for Batken region was headed by Colonel Osmonov Gapyr Asanovich.  Since 2011 to the present time officers and employees of region’s DMES successfully and diligently perform their functional duties under the Head of the DMES, Asanov Almazbek Askerovich.

Currently, the DMES for Batken region consists of the following units:

1.MES division of Leylek district – head of the division – Senior Lieutenant B. Atakulov

2.MES division of Kadamjay district – head of the division Lieutenant Colonel K. Abylov

3.MES division of Batken district– head of the division Major I. Misiraliev

4.MES division of Kyzyl-Kiya town– head of the division Junior Lieutenant R. Aitiev

5.MES division of Sulyukta town  – head of the division – M. Tursunkulov

6.MES division of Batken town  –head of the division K. Shamshiev

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